The Retreat

The studio is a window on the jungle floating on the lake; this is the conventional dance space, but be prepared to experienced different way to study and create following suggestions and proposals of the teachers.

Filming the Retreat

A documentary of the retreat will be made.

Khao Sok Dance Retreat its thought to be an opportunity for dancers to be focused on an intensive approach to dance in a place that is timeless and free from artificial stimulus. Each residency session will host 18 selected dancers from all over in the world, to be part of 10 days of study, creation and sharing, following a specific topic choose by the choreographer. Residencies are specifically connect with the environment and the nature, to encourage a deep and intimate relation with it and among dancers in the group.

The philosophy is to drag people out of the normal life, to feel more related with our human being and seek through nature our need to dance, to stay with the others, to live the moment. Living in Khao Sok means be respectful of animals, plants and all the ecosystem around us.

The general schedule of the retreat will be divided in a morning session and an evening session, avoiding the hottest hours of the day. Take your time to relax, and chill with the group during; hiking in the jungle, swimming in the lake, kayaking or having a tour with “long tail boat”.


Getting to Khao Sok