During the retreat a professional documentary will be shot. 

It will be an opportunity to share the creation process with audience, to tell more about the wild nature that is hosting us, more about traditions and cultures of all participants together with their stories and life.

The level of exposure will be at the discretion of the individual dancer.

Pietro Giampietro • Film Director

We’re happy to introduce Pietro Giampietro

He’s not only a video maker but also director and photography director for tv shows, documentaries and commercials. He had work for international productions, specialized in the filming with steadicam, that is a revolutionary device used both in cinema and television field. He had the possibility to shoot for dance videos, and shows, who allowed him to develop sensibility and awareness about this language and technically about the kind of images to enhance the movement. His philosophy is to choose resources depending on the project and not the opposite; this gave him the chance to realize challenging works and for example to win an award in Los Angeles about photography for a webseries.

But the most important quality of Pietro is to be always empatic with the people he works with, establishing mutual respect and trust, strengthen the ties over the time.

Pietro Giampietro's Works