Khao Sok Dance Retreat

Natural Dance


The Choreographers

Renan Martins

1st Residency Session:

November 14th until 24th

Fabián Thomé

2nd Residency Session:

November 24th 
until December 4th

Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto

3rd Residency Session:

 from December 4th until 14th

Khao Sok National Park • Thailand

Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is a natural reserve covered by evergreen rainforest and huge limestone mountains that surround the Cheow Lan Lake. The retreat will play in this amazing scenario of wild sounds, colors and smells. Dancers will be inspired and regenerated by the power of nature, and live the experience of being immerse in to the dance research and exploration during each residency session, together with amazing artists accurately choose for this unconventional event.

The Retreat